Stranger than Fiction

"So I was just over here minding my business and…"

List 2: Things I see, smell, feel right now….

This list…hmmmm…no disclaimers. Let’s go.

1.2 litre water bottle.

Empty bottle 1 of day 2 on 3-day detox.

Bright green cooler bag.

Slightly messy desk.

Short fingernails that refuse to grow.

Hand sanitizer hanging

My too heavy handbag.

30,000 NGN Aso-ebi for Uyo.

20,000 NGN Aso-Ebi for Lagos.

My 8 year old favorite piece of jewellery – a handcrafted pure silver ring by Circa 64.

Lemongrass tea from Tanzania.


Oily nose.

Perfumed oils. Lots of them. (I smell amazing today.)


Someone’s overcooked lunch (smells like rice and stew or stewed beans. And fish. Definitely fish.)

My hair.

My hair products.

Pain in my neck.

The beginnings of a migraine


Bladder full.

Tired of the status quo.

Apprehensive. Apprehensive. Apprehensive.

Almost in my feelings.



Your thoughts?

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