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Ajala Traveler: The Sunshine State

For the past six months, I have seen more of the South-West of Nigeria than I have seen in all my years of life.

As much as I despise the traveling (I didn’t realize I could miss my bed, room, and car so much), I am learning to enjoy it.

My new favorite place: Akure. I sent a message to my sisters this morning telling them how nice Akure was and my immediate older sister said, “Stop this abeg. Will the real Tobs please stand up?”

I am a  city girl. I love Lagos, I love London, I LOOOOOVE New York.
I detest Abuja. I really do wonder whether DC was a bad decision. So yeah. I know what she means.

But I do love Akure. The rocks, the serenity, the change of scenery. Most importantly, the impact.

I used to work in a job that focused on numbers, profit, income. I now work in a job where success is measured by the number of children’s lives saved. How awesome is that?!!!!
While this makes my work harder, it also makes it more meaningful.

On this trip, I have seen people with next to nothing focus on routine immunization like their lives depended on it. I have seen a primary healthcare board so committed to making a difference that it brings tears to my eyes.

So I can stomach the road trips, the hard mattresses, the ridiculously scary thunderstorms, the suspect food, and my achy knees.

It will all be worth it in the end.


Your thoughts?

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