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A la Zagat: The Foundry part 2 – Two thumbs up!

The main point of the restaurant review series is to inform readers about new, fun establishments in Lagos ( for now). It also serves as a prompt to those who manage these places to improve the quality of their service on all fronts.

So, The Foundry. The week after my last blog post, the entire management of Casa Lydia contacted me, apologised and begged me to give them another chance. I told them I would wait a few months and I did.

About three weeks ago, I had a date. The gentleman asked that I suggest a place. I chose The Foundry.

First of all, the front of the building has changed completely. The wall has been broken down so you can see the stores at the front. The walkway on the side also has a clear sign pointing you to the restaurant.
As I mentioned in the last list, the poolside is lovely. It’s a lot more organised now though and I toyed with the idea of sitting outside but it’s rainy season so….nah.

The interior of the restaurant is still as interesting as it was and I’m glad it hasn’t changed.

My friend and I were greeted by the same waitress that had served me the last time, Fatima. She recognised me and apologised again. I had to beg her to stop.

So, the menu: quite descriptive and has lots of options. I ordered a Tom Collins, my friend, a Long Island. Both drinks came out quickly, were in the right glasses, and were really good. In fact, they were so good I had to comment to Fatima.

I ordered the Great Piece O’ tail – oxtails served with rice or potatoes, your way. I asked for mine with basmati. Fatima asked if I wanted the red wine sauce or a pepper sauce. I went for the red wine sauce but also asked for their Napolitana sauce on the side. My friend ordered the Rustic Pink – grilled salmon, on a bed of spinach, served with potatoes. He asked for the sautéed potatoes.


Look. My oxtails were very tasty. A bit tough, but the sauce made up for it and my friend made me use my hands (had to drop all that first date forming immediately). BUT THAT SALMON!
Amazing. The sautéed potatoes were just right. The vegetables too. I ended up eating almost all his veggies. They were THAT good.

I had told my date the story and made him read my blog pits before we got there. He had to ask me if I was sure it was the same place.

Another key highlight: Fatima. She knew the menu inside out, was polite and offered useful suggestions.

My experiences were like night and day. Since then, I’ve gladly sent people there and will continue to recommend it ( The Foundry Roast is amazing)

Overall, I’m glad I went back. It is an amazing restaurant. I will put all the issues I had initially down to teething problems and probably lofty expectations on the back of my experiences at Casa Lydia. The key thing is that they listened, they listen, and the difference is clear.

So please take my word for it. They have offer takeaway as well so even if you don’t have the time to sit in, you can call ahead and pick up.

It might just be my new favourite place (well, after Casa Lydia of course lol).


2 comments on “A la Zagat: The Foundry part 2 – Two thumbs up!

  1. odun
    September 9, 2014

    Going there today for the Mister’s birthday after this review. Wish me luck!!


    • tobiloluwa
      September 9, 2014

      Good Luck!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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