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A La Zagat: Izanagi – Omigoto!!

Izanagi (19B Idejo Street, Lagos; +234 706 222 2222) is a Japanese restaurant, that was opened as an addition to the Piccolo Mondo family.

Having been in Lagos for a while, I already had my regular sushi spots but I kept hearing about Izanagi. So, one fine Sunday I popped in on my own for a quick dinner. On the basis of my experience there, I agreed with a recommendation to have a sendforth for a dear friend there.  This very brief review combines both experiences (especially since I had almost the exact same things from the menu lol).

General Ambience and Decor: 

Izanagi is not a very big space but they really made do with what they have. The decor is mainly aqua blue/almost teal with dark wood furniture, and it is all very easy on the eye. The waiters’ uniforms are pseudo-Japanese attire and they match the colour scheme. There is also a traditional Japanese zashiki seating area for about 8 people which is a nice touch.

On each table, the chopsticks are balanced on a smooth pebble. It was a bit warm when we first arrived but cooled down as the night wore on.

The only issue I had was the cleaner sweeping the stairs on my way up. Seeing as they had been open for over an hour when I got there, I couldn’t understand why it was the case. It really should have been taken care of earlier.

Rating: 8/10. Not bad. Quite minimalist. Nothing spectacular. 

Quality of Service – Menu and Ordering:
The food menu was VERY easy to understand. It had lots of pictures and our waiter was also very helpful with descriptions and recommendations. As there was a hot food ( teppanyaki etc) part and the sushi part, we decided to order hot starters and sushi main courses (well, except for one of our anti-sushi friends…). We ordered Edamame, Dynamite shrimp, Coconut prawns and Chicken gyoza (dumplings) as starters. For the main course, we had one hot dish – Seafood soba noodles – and then a variety of sushi/maki selections including – The Ultimate, Crispy Shrimp, Crazy mango, Sashimi, Crispy avocado, and a few more. We were talking over each other at the waiter so I was surprised when he got most of the order down.

The drinks menu had a very limited selection. Alcoholic cocktails in the menu are ALL vodka based though (collaboration with Grey Goose) which is a bit limiting. However, we were told that we could ask for any other cocktails not listed on the menu. I ordered a “Help Me Home” which is basically a mix of all major spirits with a dash of grenadine.

Rating: 8/10. Standard Lagos sushi prices.  Some of the alcoholic cocktails are a bit steep. Staff were tremendously helpful though.

Food and Drinks review (pictures below):
Our starters came out nice and hot. Presentation was appealing. I would have liked two more prawns in the order of Coconut prawsns though. We liked it so much that we placed a second order. The edamame was fresh and had enough just enough salt on the sides. My favourite dish had to be the Dynamite shrimp. Amazingly seasoned, perfect texture, and enough for all of us to share. The dumplings were also quite tasty.

All our sushi and maki was served on standard wooden planks.  The Ultimate is really an amazing menu offering. So so GOOD! The seafood soba noodles just looked like a bowl of noodles. I’m not sure they could have done anything more really.  As I’m not good with chopsticks, I asked for trainer ones and the happily obliged with multiples.

My drink wasn’t that great to be honest so I had just one and had water for the rest of the night. I didn’t even take a picture. It came in a standard glass which in my opinion was too small for how much it was worth.

As we had some friends join us later, we had to add items to our order. They were very happy to accommodate us and also added extra chairs, smiling. It never felt like we were being a bother at any point which we really were.

They had sweet and sour chicken and special fried rice. The special fried rice portion was small and as they were men, they complained a bit. However, about two minutes after they had started eating, another portion of regular fried rice “appeared”. Apparently, this came with the chicken dish.

We ordered two molten lava cakes (with ice cream) to share. Unfortunately, these came out cold and had to be sent back for reheating. I’ve had better molten lava cake in Lagos. I’ve had better desserts period but the sugar was needed.

Rating: 7/10. The molten lava cake issue. I mean, it was COLD!??!


Sushi comes in orders of  3 or 4 pieces. Each order was approximately N2000- N2500. I would recommend that for two people, one should budget at least N20,000, which is reasonable for sushi around these parts.
Rating: 8/10.

Final Verdict:
If you’re a sushi lover and haven’t been to Izanagi yet, what are you waiting for? On my first visit there, a friend joined me towards the end of my meal. He liked the sushi so much, he just told the waiter to get him exactly what I had to go. They have a good variety of hot and cold items to choose from on their menu, the food is fresh, and the staff are polite and well-trained.

OVERALL RATING: (Over 40) : 31

I will keep going back and hopefully, other people keep paying lol 🙂



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