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Tobs’ Beauty Chronicles: From the Root

Beauty is pain.

Or can be anyway. Some things shouldn’t be painful, while pain is definitely not avoidable in some particular cases.

Take hair removal. Mostly necessary but can be quite painful.

Shaving and hair removal creams are painless but the results don’t last as long and may lead to bumps, skin irritation, nasty ingrown hairs, and painful regrowth. I also do not believe in eyebrow shaping with blades. Too dangerous and lasts for only 24 hours max (for me at least)

Waxing – traditional sugar or modern hot wax – is a better albeit more painful option.
If your pain threshold is high, threading works too. However, let me warn you: I consider myself tough. Threading makes my eyes water uncontrollably.

Look, if you like your body hair (and your significant other isn’t bothered too), you’re free to hold on to it. However, bodies are so much cleaner (especially armpit and pubic areas) without hair. Plus, some of us who have jobs that require skirts, and impeccable grooming should not have to be told to get rid of unsightly body hairs.


On the plane to Abuja a few weeks ago, I noticed that I could see the leg hairs of the air hostess in charge of our cabin, through her tights. Now, usually, I’m not one to judge especially as people have personal preferences on hair removal. However, this was an AIR HOSTESS. In this job, you are REQUIRED to show your legs and be presentable. When I say I could see the hairs, I don’t mean harmless fuzz or a few strands here and there. I mean FULL hairs, covering her legs, poking through the tights in some places. Look… Just NO. I was about to give her a number she could call, or at least offer her hair removal cream, but I caught myself. I don’t like flying, so I need nice air hostesses.

My friend Eniola called me this morning looking for recommendations on where she could thread her eyebrows. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that if it has to do with skin, hair, nails, and general beautification (and FOOD too lol), it is likely that I know the best place to get it done, approximately how much it’ll cost you and other options if and when the highest ranked technician is not available.

So today, in light of the help I have perceived is desperately needed – take this as my selfless act for the day – I present to you Tobs’ Hair Removal recommendations. Doesn’t mean you should go inundate my spa technicians oh.

*Kindly note that these are places I have actually been to. I apologise for the lack of mainland options. Will be doing individual reviews in the near future.*


Salon/spa name: The Day Spa
Service: Waxing
Technician(s): Margaret and Anu
Contact Details: 7A Sapara Williams, Off Idowu Martins, Victoria Island (next to SS Lounge); 01-4605450
My rating: 9/10. I do my brazilian, under-arm, and eyebrow wax here. Anu even keeps a “register” so she can tell you when last you got one.
Tips: Call and book ahead of time!!! They get busy and have lots of regulars (like me). An eyebrow wax costs N1000. A brazilian costs N4000.

Salon/spa name: BMS
Service: Waxing, threading
Technician(s): Anybody. Never had a bad experience.
Address: 4 Magbon Close, Ikoyi; 08038540869
My rating: 8/10. A bit more expensive than Day Spa. Like their half-leg wax though because they wax your toes too.
Tips: They only work with appointments anyway, so BOOK. An eyebrow wax costs N3600; Threading costs N3500.

Salon/spa name: BNatural Spa
Service: Waxing
Technician(s): Chika (Abuja); As long as you don’t use Esther in Ikeja, you should be good.
Contact details: 11 Oduduwa Way, Ikeja; 30 Mediterranean street, Imani estate, Maitama, Abuja; 08098038872
My rating: 7/10. I’ve never waxed in VI (and their owner just pissed me off about VI so I’m boycotting VI…) Had a bad experience with Esther in Ikeja though. Not going near her again.
Tips: The expat spa technicians are softer. An eyebrow wax costs N2000. A brazilian costs N7000.

Salon/spa name: HealthGate Spa
Service: Waxing
Technician(s): (small) Rita.
Address: 112 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi
My rating: 8/10. Rita is great. She does great facials too.
Tips:If Rita isn’t available, wait OR book for another time. Had a VERY bad experience with someone else.

Salon/spa name: Sari’s signature
Service: Threading
Technician(s): Sari
Address: 24 Idejo Street (opposite Lagoon Hospital), Victoria Island
My rating: 9/10. Sari’s good!
Tips: You may have to wait a bit if he’s doing someone’s hair PLUS Sari LOVES to talk. Threading was N3000 last time I was there.

Salon/spa nameDeva Petals
Service: Traditional sugar wax (halawa)
Address: 20 Nile Street, Maitama, Abuja; 08159054185
My rating: 8/10. It’s a store in front. The service is done in a back room.
Tips: If you can tolerate pain, try this. Skin feels amazing afterwards. Face waxing is N2800.


There are other salons/spas – ShoMya, Barazahi, ClearEssence….- (some who I will be reviewing in the coming weeks) but these are ones I can personally vouch for today.
Hope the information helps.

Leave unwanted, unsightly, uncontrollable hairs in your past!


6 comments on “Tobs’ Beauty Chronicles: From the Root

  1. fifi
    April 5, 2014

    Small Rita is no longer at healthgate, she now as a small space next door to that beehive cafe in Lekki 1.cant remember the name of the street though,the street where Lekki British School is for bnatural, it’s overrated and over priced…


  2. Atinuke
    April 5, 2014

    Great info! Thanks.


  3. levybraide
    April 27, 2016

    This is very helpful. The spa where I usually wax closed down. You just saved my life.


  4. debbie
    May 14, 2016

    Please where on the mainland can I have my eyebrow threaded


    • tobiloluwa
      June 13, 2016

      Not sure about threading on the mainland. But check BNatural spa in Ikeja GRA. I know Lola Maja-Okojevoh had a studio there.


  5. Chi
    June 26, 2016

    This was very helpful. Thank you very much!


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