Stranger than Fiction

"So I was just over here minding my business and…"


I completed my undergraduate degree December 2006. My plan back then: Work and make money. By May 2007, my plans had changed slightly. Ten years later, I have learned that … Continue reading

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Permit my random-ness…

– I have never been a fan of Mondays. Today was not bad. Not great, but I got through it. Somehow. – I have been carrying around an uneasy feeling … Continue reading

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Back to the matter…

*I made the cookies. They’re really good* Early Sunday morning, at about 2 am, when I realized I was losing the battle with sleep, I decided to write down how … Continue reading

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Orobo Chronicles: Being the opposition

I have always been on the heavier side. Even when I was apparently smaller i.e. a UK size 10/12, I thought I was big so I covered it up. These … Continue reading

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!. I had other plans for what to write today. However, I saw the daily post writing prompt and figured … Continue reading

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List 2: Things I see, smell, feel right now….

This list…hmmmm…no disclaimers. Let’s go. 1.2 litre water bottle. Empty bottle 1 of day 2 on 3-day detox. Bright green cooler bag. Slightly messy desk. Short fingernails that refuse to … Continue reading

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Ajala Traveler: The Sunshine State

For the past six months, I have seen more of the South-West of Nigeria than I have seen in all my years of life. As much as I despise the … Continue reading

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A La Zagat: The Orchard Bar and Lounge, Lekki – Some bad apples

The Orchard (top floor, Centro Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki. ) is a bar/lounge and grill restaurant. I had heard about it from a male friend who always scheduled his weekend … Continue reading

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Orobo Chronicles: Episode 2 – Like Glue

I haven’t lost any weight. I apparently look like I have but I am heavier than when I first started this journey. And no, I have not built muscle. I … Continue reading

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A la Zagat: The Foundry part 2 – Two thumbs up!

The main point of the restaurant review series is to inform readers about new, fun establishments in Lagos ( for now). It also serves as a prompt to those who … Continue reading

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A La Zagat: Izanagi – Omigoto!!

Izanagi (19B Idejo Street, Lagos; +234 706 222 2222) is a Japanese restaurant, that was opened as an addition to the Piccolo Mondo family. Having been in Lagos for a … Continue reading

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Fear of flying

I’ve never liked flying. Well, for as long as I can remember anyway. I have had way too many interesting experiences on planes and with airports to. Between food poisoning, … Continue reading

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Orobo Chronicles. Episode 1: Free Me!!!

A few weeks ago, while at my tailor/designer’s store, the store manager decided that it was wise and proper to exclaim, ” Ah, Auntie! I looked at your new measurements. … Continue reading

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…Because numb…

In a brief stint of traffic as I was driving to work this morning, I scrolled through my twitter timeline and saw the news of the Nyanya, Abuja bus park … Continue reading

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Tobs’ Beauty Chronicles: From the Root

Beauty is pain. Or can be anyway. Some things shouldn’t be painful, while pain is definitely not avoidable in some particular cases. Take hair removal. Mostly necessary but can be … Continue reading

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A La Zagat: The Foundry – More Time Needed in The Furnace *Updated*

* I have written an additional post on The Foundry based on the outcome of this initial blog post. I have to say that owners of establishments that are truly invested … Continue reading

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“…Two ordinary people made extraordinary love….”

People fall in love with the wrong people. Stranger things have happened. Of late, I have found myself having numerous discussions about love that cannot be explained and/or justified. Love … Continue reading

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A La Zagat: Urban Fuxion Food Truck – N.O.P.E.

The Urban Fuxion food truck is located on Providence Court, Lekki Phase 1 (opposite Lanre Shittu Motors). On weekends, I believe they move to Adeola Odeku after 11pm to service … Continue reading

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Allow me to re-introduce myself…

*my featured image is from a time when I was an executive in an investment banking firm. I have chosen a less serious life.* Why Blog? For as long as … Continue reading

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Fine girl, plenty pimples.

I finally summoned up the courage to do this. First, because I believe the information will help others and secondly, because it is a testimony of sorts. On my last Orobo … Continue reading

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